Rakhi ka Swayamvar – The Aftermath

Dressed in more jewelry than clothes, Rakhi invoked ‘God Jeejus’ with a tuneless song sung on stage, pretended to bashfully shiver (me thinks it was more the lack of clothes, than shyness, that may have caused the shivering) joked there could be a Swayamvar Part 2, and finally got ENGAGED to the businessman from Toronto, Elesh Parujanwala.

At the start of the show itself I had pinned my hopes on Elesh being the chosen one, for the sole reason that he was the only NRI groom who could help the cause of us Indians by taking this forever-seeking-the-limelight Nautankibaaz, Rakhi, out of our country.

Strangely though, this ‘reech’ (in Rakhi’s pronunciation, not mine) and articulate businessman is suddenly a struggler who is finding his feet in Mumbai city and has requested Rakhi for some time to do so. Hence the Engagement, instead of the Swayamvar.

Moreover, apparently Elesh wants to get to know Rakhi better (Why do I have a feeling that he just might regret this decision?) see her without make-up (Gulp! Brave guy! Hope he’s fond of horror) and see how compatible they are (Brave AND a risk-taker!)

On the flipside, if this relationship does work out and lead to marriage (yes, miracles are known to happen, folks!) we could always witness Rakhi ka Talaq to follow.

And if this relationship does not work out, await, Rakhi ka Swayamvar – Season 2.

Till then, watch them together in a forthcoming TV show.

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