New Year! New Thoughts! New Post!

Ever so often, the desire to evolve drives me to cast a sweeping glance through my attitude, my life and the people in it. After a swift, and at times contemplative, reckoning I sift through my thoughts, ideals, people and everything that affects me and my day to day living.
Retaining the gist of what has worked well for me, I chuck the clutter of stagnant ideas, situations and everything that has been weighing me down, to make way for new replacements.
I quite enjoy this occasional mind-body-soul upgrade because, besides being essential, it is exhilarating and enlightening.The last time I did this was a very long time ago and a lot of what I gleaned from it still stays with me. Here’s adding some more to a constantly altering list;

* God appreciates good manners. A heartfelt ‘Thank-you’ not only works wonders, but mysteriously speeds up the completion of your next request.
* Well-timed silence is intimidating.
* When you stop searching, things come to you.
* I am more patient than I give myself credit for.
* Each time I assume I know it all, life surprises me.
* The more thankful you are for what life hands you, the more it gives.
* With each passing moment my belief in the Circle of Life is further enhanced, as I have repeatedly seen and experienced that ‘Everything you do does come back to you, with even greater intensity than you put it out with’
* Cardio is great for you!
* Life is not easy when you have values, morals and opinions. To top it, if you are emotional-baggage free and a teetotaler, you might as well wear a sign that says ‘FREAK.’
* Goodness is such a rare commodity that any visibility of it takes people by surprise.
* Honesty is not always the best policy.
* It is cheaper to stay healthy.
* I have passed the stage where I want to be universally liked. I want to be loved, hated, worshiped, abhorred, revered and the whole smorgasbord of emotions.
* I am extremely wary of people who are always smiling and of those who never lose their cool.
* Boundaries in relationships are essential.
* People will run down a thing, till they can afford it.
* Niceness surprises people. They like to believe there is an underlying motive for it somewhere.
* I am still a sucker for a deep baritone.
* I love the word ‘Bloody’.
* Saying ‘No’ is easy. And addictive. You do come zipping down popularity charts, but it’s worth it.
* A person who is not loyal to his/her country and his/her family cannot be loyal to anybody.
* People who don’t get along with their parents and siblings have troubled relationships otherwise.
* As much as we may pretend otherwise, we are judgmental in our own ways.
* Your Gut-feeling is rarely wrong.
* I need to come to my own conclusions about people, as other people perceptions differ.
* It is essential to give only how much is required.
* Too bad if I don’t fit into anyone’s idea of a perfect person.

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