Ruminations on a rumbling stomach

It is 1'o' clock in the afternoon as I sit here.
I have just shown a client out and await the next one who is scheduled to be here at 2.There is 1 whole hour in between. Too long to do nothing, and too short to rush home and grab lunch.
Visions of steaming kadhi-chawal waiting for me back home torture me as I try to recollect when I last ate. 10:30: A bowl of cereal and milk, which I’m sure is slithering around somewhere in my intestines by now.
I rummage my bag for some digestive biscuits that I always carry. No, I don’t have a constipation problem (gross!) they are just my favorites.
No luck, I’m not carrying them in this bag.
This is the problem when you change bags each time you leave the house, essentials get left behind.
A shiny red apple and a juicy green pear are the only alternatives I have, sitting before me on the desk. The shiny red apple winks at me. It is a gorgeous color with so many varied shades of red. I try to replicate these shades whenever I paint, but fail each time, and mentally doff my hat to nature, again.
The pear wins and as I take a big bite I am in heaven. It’s perfect. Sweet, juicy and just the way I like it. As I wipe the juice dribbling down my chin, I look at the crater my bite has created. My lipstick has circled the edges and the pear resembles an obscenely screaming mouth. I have a feeling that the seeds of a story have just been sown.

My room resonates with the rich baritones of 4 luscious men who call themselves 'Il Divo.' ‘Regressa A Mi’ is what they sing and I accompany them with the English version of it, ‘Unbreak my heart’. For a moment I have forgotten my hunger. Their wonderful voices make me happy. It’s a bonus that they are all lookers too ;) I did mention the word luscious didn’t I ;) (Btw, my favorites are Sebastain and Urs)

For the past week I have been thinking, and thinking and thinking some more. As I waltz along with life, these are my distilled thoughts, brought about by my experiences of life. Some come with expiry dates, while others make me reaffirm my faith in them some more;

•People don’t change that much. Don’t waste time trying to put in what was left out. Try to draw out what is left in, that’s hard enough.
•Certain things happen for a reason. You just have to trust that life has a road mapped out for you.
•Familiarity does breed contempt.
•First impressions are true.
•Your intuition is the voice you are trying to smother.
•A good friend makes a bad enemy.
•Never trust a guy who wears boots and has hair longer than yours.
•A friend who ceased to be one never was one.
•Anywhere you go, whatever you do, you never just learn what you come too. Life always gives you an extra bonus along with it always.
•It is never too late.
•It’s always too early to quit.
•Being nice helps. You. You sleep better and you don’t get that annoying wrinkle between your brows.
•Your mother is always right.
•If you spread yourself too thin, you get wiped out.
•When people hate you, the fact is they want to be like you.
•It’s easy to write in a difficult language, but difficult to write in simple words.
•I am a sucker for a deep baritone.
•People mistake niceness for weakness. Let them.
•Never read movie reviews before you watch a movie.
•Ego is fine when you start out. I think it helps in making people notice you if you are all fluffy and arrogant. But it’s a universal rule that in the end, it gets you down. An ego blinds you from reality.
•If you are thinking if its time to leave, its way past time to leave.
•There is a God.And He loves me :)
•Splurging on great quality accessories is always a better bet than spending huge amounts of money on clothes.
•In the rainy season, always carry and umbrella no matter how sunny the day.
•No city comes close to Bombay. It’s the bestest.
•An appeaser is some one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.
•Never say ‘never’ and you cant say ‘forever’
•Sift through the people in your life periodically.
•Sharing sadness does not get people closer.
•Don’t burden people with your problems. Everyone has their own anyways.
•Put yourself first always. If you don’t love yourself, no one will.
•There’s nothing you can do about a bad hair day. Nothing.NOTHING.
•If a person breaks your trust once, don’t give them a second chance. They will do it again.
•The way a person drives his/her car tells you a lot about how they go through life.
•Men will NEVER understand women.
•Salma Hayek is the hottest women in the whole world.
•No matter how hard I try not to, I still dislike certain star signs.
•Never forget a good turn.
•When someone hurts you, forgive them. The Big Man up there will keep tabs on them after that.
•What goes around, comes around.
•Curses are like chickens. They come home to roost.
•You can never be too rich or too thin.
•Women see through men in the first 5 mins of a meeting.
•The grass on the other side is rarely greener.
•This piece is too long.