Day 2 - What you don't know

Mr Verma loved Mrs Verma and Mrs Verma loved Mr Verma. 
Mr Verma surprised Mrs Verma with flowers.
Mrs Verma surprised Mr Verma with his favorite perfume.
Mr Verma planned his official trips so Mrs Verma could accompany him.
Mrs Verma planned romantic, candle light dinners whenever she could.
Mr Verma thought this was true love.
Mrs Verma swore they were soulmates.

What you don’t know, and nor do Mrs and Mr Verma either, is that Mr Sushant Verma loved Mrs Niti Nikhil Verma and Mrs Rakhee Sushant Verma swore that Mr Nikhil Verma was her soulmate.

Writing as part of Team Purple Rain for the prompt, 'What you don't know'

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