A to Z: All that you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask :)

Tags are awesome! They act as the perfect fillers when you want to write, but have no idea what to write. 
So when I saw this tag on follow blogger, Shalini's page I knew I had to do it!:) 
Do take it on if you wish to, it's so much fun!:)

The A-Z of me!

A. Age :  ...is just a number!

B. Biggest fear : ...is that all of them will come true!

C. Current time : ...is the right time!

D. Drink you last had : ...vampire blood! Gotcha! Just a boring cup of tea.

E. Every day starts with : ...checking Whatsapp/fb/Twitter :)

F. Favourite Song : ...the title song from the film, 'Kal Ho Na Ho'

G. Ghosts – Are they real? : ...I wouldn't know, I find people scarier!

H. Hometown : Bombay!

I. In love with : Myself!

J. Jealous of : ...nothing and no one!

K. Killed someone : ...not yet!:) Psstttttt....wish to though!

L. Last time you cried : ...why must you know EVERYTHING?

M. Middle Name : ...supercalifragilistic!

N. Number of siblings : 2

O. One wish : ...why this austerity? They usually come in a trio, right?:)

P. Person you last called : ...The Husband.

Q. Question you’re always asked : ...is, 'Are you a Bengali/Malayalee?' (No one believes I am a Punjabi)

R. Reason to smile : ...because I have a damn good one!

S. Sounds that annoy you : ...certain people breathing (wicked! wicked!;))))

T. Time you woke up : 6 am

U. Underwear colour : All you need to know is that I wear mine on the inside, unlike Superman!

W. Worst habit : ...borderline OCD

V. Vacation Destination : Big list. Need 

X. X-rays you last had : What's next? Blood reports?

Y. Your Favourite Food : Pizza, anytime. Pasta, every time.

Z. Zodiac Sign : Gemini

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Day 5

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