Where I Stood

I am taking part in a Photo a day challenge for June 2016. 
The prompt for the 8th of June is 'Where I Stood' and the above is my picture for the prompt.

I love #Skywatching from my balcony. Different times of the day bring out different moods, and hues, of the sky. A few evenings ago I saw this beautiful sky, which couldn't decide between being silver or gold, so chose both.

Since I haven't been writing/blogging at all, and I REALLY want to I thought I would use the prompts to attempt to write short stories too. 
Below is my story for the prompt, 

Where I Stood

I stood facing the monsters. A whole lot of them. 
While I was alone.
My heart was beating so loud I imagined the world would be deafened if they heard it. My palms were damp and I flexed my fingers, ready for a fight.
We had been friends, these monsters and I, once upon a time. They had built me up and worn me down, till we had got so used to one another that we couldn’t survive a day apart.
Then one day they caused a pain so deep that I couldn’t bear to look at them anymore.
I was now healed.
It was time to wipe the slate clean. And start afresh.
As I stood at the threshold of the Gym and looked at the shiny machines I knew it was time to befriend the monsters once again.

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