Me Time

I am taking part in a Photo a day challenge for June 2016. 
The prompt for the 11th of June is 'Me Time' and the above is my picture for the prompt.

 #MeTime usually is a book, a mug of strong tea and a snack (A healthy one if I realise I have qualified to be part of the Elephant family and a not at all healthy one, if i may have imagined I lost about 2 grams)

ing at all, and I REALLY want to I thought I would use the prompts to attempt to write short stories too. 

Below is my story for the prompt, 

Me Time

‘Why can’t you sleep in, at least on the weekends?’ asked her husband.
‘What is this getting up early business? Look at the dark circles under your eyes!’ exclaimed her mother-in-law.
‘Beta, you need rest. You run your own business, you don’t need to go in early’ adviced her father-in-law.
‘Wonder if Mom sleeps at all!’ giggled her twin daughters.
‘Madamji, I will do oil massage on your head. You will get nice, nice sleep after that.’ implored her maid.

She woke up before her alarm did. Regularly. Reluctantly.

How could she explain that the 1 precious hour alone, spent doing nothing, before the world and household woke up was her #MeTime that she needed for herself, so she could give more to everyone else.

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