I am taking part in a Photo a day challenge for June 2016. 
The prompt for the 23rd of June is 'Gold' and the above is my picture for the prompt.

Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth - Roman Payne

As the sun turned the evening sky to gold, in beautiful Coorg, I was lucky enough to capture it on my Mobile Cam

Since I haven't been writing/blogging at all, and I REALLY want to I thought I would use the prompts to attempt to write short stories too. 
Below is my story for the prompt,


Goldie was an acquired taste. You either loved Goldie or hated Goldie, there was no in between.
Goldie was cold. Goldie was smooth.
The harsh reality about Goldie was the bitter truth,that men loved Goldie.
Which is why women pretended to hate but secretly loved Goldie.
Goldie was the companion of many a lonely nights.
Goldie also lightened many a terrible mood.
Golden-hued Goldie was a mug of chilled beer.

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