The Husband Chronicles - Part 22

I haven't been sleeping well or enough lately, leading to exhaustion. 
Yesterday I mentioned the same to The Husband, adding that I was looking forward to rising LATE on Sunday, by catching up on my sleep. A rare treat, mind you.
10 minutes after this declaration, I get a call from my maid telling me she'll be coming at 7 in the morning, a good two hours earlier than her usual post 9 am appearance on a Sunday.
Needless to say, I was crushed.
Seeing which, The Husband assured me that I should sleep in and he would wake up and 'take care'
Hearing which, tears threatened to spill out of my eyes and a mushy Karan Johar track played in my mind. I was so grateful to have him as my Husband, was my last thought before I turned into Kumbhakaran.
Before I knew it, I was being prodded awake from deep slumber, with The Husband mumbling, 'the maid is ringing the bell but you don't wake up, I'll take care'
 Wake up I did, and had the usual tumbler of steaming filter kaapi  ready for His Highness when he woke up at 9.
He's taking his 3rd nap of the day, as I write this.

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