#WordyWednesday, #Week3 #SentencePrompt

Written for Blog-a-rythm
Sentence Prompt: It hurts no more

Her eyes scrunched with pain and she swallowed a scream! She knew the first time would hurt, but SO much, she hadn’t imagined.
Almost all the girls in school had lost theirs, giggling smugly as they huddled together, discussing every minute detail. 
She felt so left out when she saw them, but her courage gave away when she imagined her Mothers wrath. She would always be a Baby where her mother was concerned, but she was a young woman now, she reassured herself.
And after endless sleepless nights and thoughts she decided to go ahead and do it, and here she was, silently chanting ‘It hurts no more! It hurts no more!’ as the parlor girl applied yet another layer of hot wax, covered it with a strip of cloth and ripped out a patch of hair from her arm.

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