#WordyWednesday #No4 #September2015 #PicturePrompt

The pic above was the picture prompt for this writing exercise. Pic Courtesy:Geetika Gupta

Kiran let out a contended sigh. A beautiful sunset, an endless supply of his favorite wine and the love of his life besides him. He turned towards his left and watched Laxmi snooze. His finger traced a pattern down Laxmi’s hand as he asked, ‘Ready to go home?’ ‘As ready as I’ll ever be!’ replied Laxmi gleefully.
Kiran and Laxmi had faced it all.
Horror and opposition by the family, shunning by friends and oppressement by strangers.
They bore it all together as their love was their strength. Till their houses were burnt down and their family beaten black and blue.
It was then that they escaped. To a land where strangers embraced and celebrated their union, allowing both Kiran and Laxmi’s love and togetherness to blossom.
But now it was time to go home. To the land where they grew up and which the yearned for. Now things would be different, even though Mr Kiran Kshetri and Mr Laxmikant Pathak remained the same.

This article was the inspiration for this story.

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