Good Luck. #PicturePrompt #MarathonBloggers

Good Luck

He crossed his fingers behind his back.
For luck.
Today would be THE day he would propose to her. He knew that many such days had come and gone but he wouldn’t let today go without letting her know of his feelings for her.
He saw her getting out of her car with her two best friends. He crossed his fingers even tighter together, to remind himself of his resolve.
She started walking towards him and he looked at her reverently. Long legs, that glossy ebony sheet of hair, the pouting mouth and eyes full of mischief. Her friend whispered something in her ear and she turned to look at him before flashing him a brilliant smile. His heart almost stopped beating.
‘There he is again, your loyal puppy, waiting for you’ remarked her friend.
‘I know. Poor guy. Look at that hair, and those outdated jeans! Yucks!’
He wished he could hear what they were talking about that has caused that brilliant smile, as he stood with his fingers tightly crossed behind his back.
 For luck.

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