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5 Things True About Me

1) I am terrified of pets. Even puppies and kittens. Even the sound of them. And I send a silent apology to them, via esp, each time they need to be tied up or confined to a room when I am visiting a pet lovers house.

2) I am a Punjabi married to Telugu. A proper arranged marriage where we met exactly 4 times before we decided to marry each other. Yes. True. Promise.

3) I was offered the ‘Pears Baby’ commercial when I was an infant and then when I was a toddler. Thrice. My parents refused, all 3 times. They owe an answer to showbiz. They still refuse to give me any satisfactory answer.

4)Never ask me for directions. If you follow mine, you’ll most probably reach Afghanistan. And come back just to shoot me dead.

5)It took me a really long time to learn that the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. And I am still fumbling my way through learning how to ‘forgive and forget’

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