#Audacity #August2015 #WordyWednesday

Tom peeked out from behind the wall; to find the imposter catching a peek at that exact moment. Tom withdrew instantly, fuming as he did so!  After catching his breath he tried peeking out again, slowly this time. And found the imposter staring right back at him! Tom was supremely irritated! This guy was following him everywhere! He wondered what to do next. After giving it some thought,Tom crouched low and belly crawled forward slowly, hoping to take the imposter by surprise. It was going good, till they bumped heads! Ouch!
Enough was enough, decided Tom! He would take theimposter head on and show him who was the boss here. Tom squared his shoulders and walked out and stood proud and tall. As did the imposter. Tom couldn't take the audacity of the imposter anymore and started barking. Once again at his reflection in the newly installed mirror in the house