#WordyWednesday #No4 #BAR Picture Prompt

Picture Prompt Courtesy: Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

His eyes followed her walking towards him, busy on the phone as always. He stood still as she neared, till her familiar perfume briefly spun a cocoon around him. ‘You’re back!’ she beamed, putting down her mobile phone, her smile doing strange things to his heart. ‘You have no idea how much you were missed!’ her smile split her face in two and he blushed as he looked down at his shoes, his thudding heart threatening to burst.
She was wearing the red shirt, her favorite he had heard her say, and his favorite too. Her earrings grazed her cheeks and her fingers were birds in the air, making a point. In another hour she would tame her wild tresses into an unyielding knot and half an hour after that her spectacles would kiss the bridge of her nose.  At 5 pm she would sit back and sigh, the kajal of her left eye leaving a tiny smudge below it. And sometime after that…'Nikhil!’ she heard him calling out his name and looking up saw her gesturing through the glass door.
Nikhil stood up, swiftly checked his hair and smoothened his clothes as he walked towards her. ‘A cup of strong tea for me please, Nikhil…and do get this letter photocopied and place it on Mr Ganeshs desk. Thank you.’ a distracted smile before she got back to work.
Nikhil, the peon gave a shy smile and went to get his boss her cup of tea, her smile and the sound of his name locked away safely in the recesses of his memory.

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