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At social gatherings I am often asked if I am carrying my Tarot Deck and if I would ‘answer a few questions quickly’. 
Speaking for myself here, Tarot is not something that is to be used for fun.
It is a profession and has to be taken seriously, much like you would with any other profession. 
The guidelines for Tarot are; respect our seat (where we conduct our Readings from) our practice, our cards and our clients. 
Cleanliness in and around the area of a Reading is a must, and it always helps if you have a fixed area to conduct your Readings from. The Cards need to be cleansed/purified before and after each Reading, ensuring that the effects of the previous Readings are completely eliminated.
We need to respect the client and their questions, by never scoffing at or being judgemental about any question asked.
And yes, complete confidentiality of the Reading and non involvement is a non-negotiable must.

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