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When I started my Tarot Readings 12 years ago, the amount of people who knew about Tarot or had even heard the name could be counted on my fingers. Of one hand. 
Being a professional Tarot Card Reader for 11 years now, I've seen the awareness about Tarot grow. The curiosity about Tarot and the questions people ask however have remained the same over the years:)
When I heard about the #AtoZChallenge I immediately knew I wanted to be part of it. The theme however eluded me. Till one fine day I was asked a question about Tarot (for the nth time) and I answered it (for the nth time too!:) 
Bingo, I had my theme!:)
What could be better than combining my two loves, Writing and Tarot Card Reading, after all?
So, here I present my theme for the AtoZChallenge;

Card Talk: Shining the light on everything about Tarot

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