Let's paint the town red: Written for Wordy Wednesday #5 at B-A-R

There was palpable excitement in the air.
They were gearing up for a day like no other. A town this small had never witnessed a celebration this big. 
Let's paint the town red, they guffawed as they collected everything they would need for the big day.
The headcount was done once more, for the umpteenth time, and the numbers going up bought more fervor to the already mounting excitement.
People would be stunned at the display they joked and God would be invoked by the disapprovers they bantered, as they worked in tandem
The big day finally arrived. 
Bathed and dressed, each looked at the other with approval in their eyes and they made their way into town together.
Screams greeted them as they let out gunshots. Men, women and children invoked God as they fell like dominoes, stunned and surprised at what they saw. 
An army of crazed men shooting the town down, painting it red.

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