#30DayLetterChallenge - #Day1 - Write a letter to your best friend

Hello there, Best Friend!

We've been inseparable ever since we first met, haven't we? Through so many adventures, crazy times, good times, bad times, really bad times and hey, before this gets way too serious, some really  fun times too! We've grown up and grown wise together.
I've enjoyed everything more because you were there with me, egging me on, chiding me and yes even holding me back when needed. Though there were, and  still are, times I just wish you would shut up and disappear. 
However, you've become such a habit now that it is impossible for me to imagine being without you.
Thank you for being there always, and for pointing me to the right path, my BFF, My Conscience.
May we be together always.


This post is part of a 30 Day Letter Challenge

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