The Husband Chronicles - Part 19

Men fantasize about having/making more money, about the latest gadgets, cars, perhaps holidays, fitness regimes and yes, about other women.

I'm married to a man whose fantasies revolve around FOOD! 

The only time The Husbands face lights up, his eyes sparkle and he's rubbing his hands in anticipatory glee is when he's thinking of/looking forward to/devouring a well-cooked meal. 

Discussions about the next meal start even as we are having our present one. During mealtimes, the addition of ingredients are questioned, dissected, unasked for advice is given to me. The feedback is plenty, if the meal isn't upto his  mark, and sparse, if it is :)

Little wonder that the only line, from my favourite song 'Favicol' I'm stuck on is 'Main toh Tandoori Murgi hoon yaar, gatakale Saiyaan alcohol se!'