The Husband Chronicles - Part 17

I’ve been house-hunting for almost 4 months now. I’ve been through a little over half a dozen brokers, and seen close to 250 houses, my highest record being 11 houses in a day.  

So, what is stopping us from zeroing in on a house? Am I too finicky? Am I looking for perfection? Do I have unrealistic expectations? No. I just have A Husband who believes in Vastu.
Each time I think ‘This is it!’ The Husband comes along with his %^#$&;*%^^*@ compass and rejects the house, as the #@$#%$ compass informs The Husband that the kitchen isn’t right, or the entrance is wrong, or the bedroom is where the kitchen should be, so on and so forth!

House-hunting is exhausting, and more so when a $#%$^^^$% compass is going to decide where you’ll live. So we went away for a much-needed weekend break to a resort, with me deciding to banish all thoughts of crushing every compass on earth to smithereens.  

I was just inhaling the fresh air, feasting on the beautifully landscaped sight before me and was experiencing the beginnings of delight at the sight of our lovely cottage when The Husband cheerfully informed me ‘Our cottage is vastu perfect. It has a mountain on ___ side, water flowing on ___ side. A rise on ____ side, ............................'
When I could finally shut my mouth, and stopped gritting my teeth till they turned into a fine powder, I just laughed. Helplessly and much like Boman Irani in Munnabhai ;)