The Husband Chronicles - Part 16

I am blessed to be one of the rare wives whose husbands actually listen to them when they talk, and enthusiastically respond to their conversation too, no matter what the topic may be, I thought! I was so happy about this that I even presented God with, pure ghee, grainy and yummy besan laddoos in gratitude *manners, people, manners!*


Turns out The Husband just pretends to listen attentively, at least most of the times.

I’ve had my doubts in recent times, but rested easy as I happily assumed that God, well-fed on my bribe of laddoos would not allow it to happen. How could I forget, God is a man!

After a few doubts had turned into certainties I decided to put my theory to test.

The Husband and I were having a perfectly boring conversation about maids/plumbers/suchlike to which his responses were unnecessarily enthusiastic. In the middle of the completely anal conversation I let slip in a quick line “soiwillbeelopingwithsalmankhanfornewyears” to which The Husband responded with a wow, a smile faker than Shilpa Shetty’s nose and a thumbs up sign!

So now, I have The Husband’s approval to elope with Salman. And God, I want my laddoos back!