The Husband Chronicles - Part 15

When I was single I dreamt and prayed I would marry someone unique. Someone who would have qualities no one else possessed.

Well, God was listening all right! For he sent along The Husband, who certainly has some very unique qualities.

To elaborate, The Husband bites his lip and cheek to suppress his laughter whenever I say or do something funny, which is more than a dozen times a day. Amma has confirmed that this is a childhood trait.
The Husband also stifles a yawn because, according to him, yawning open mouthed looks ungainly. Guinness, you have a potential record holder here!
Romantic verses of my favorite Hindi songs sung aloud by me are responded to with a ‘What does that mean’ because The Husbands knowledge of Hindi/Urdu is as good as mine is of Telugu, which is nil. I am supposed translate and explain in English, if you please! ‘Jidhar dekhoon, teri tasveer nazar aati hai’ translated to ‘Wherever I look I can see your picture’ somehow just doesn’t cut it!


Note to self: When you ask God for something next time, be specific!