The Husband Chronicles --- Part 8

The Husband, apparently, hates gossip. I on the other hand thrive on gossip and have found an equally enthusiastic accomplice in Amma *my lovely ma-in-law* While Amma’s cooking lessons to me are in progress, we are so deep in talk, discussing lives of film-stars, politicians, neighbors and even their neighbors, etc, that we don’t even realize when The Husband is standing behind, glaring down at us before he walks away with disgust writ large on his face.

Yesterday The Sulking Husband walked in to see Amma and me doubled up in laughter over a particularly juicy bit of gossip. After directing the customary glare coupled with a disgusting expression on his face our way, he proclaimed “Whoever you’ll are making fun of is making 10 times more fun of you’ll” before he walked out of the room.

Did the statement have any effect on us? Yes it did. We laughed till tears were streaming down our faces! ;-D