The Husband Chronicles --- Part 2

I’m not very sleep fond. Afternoon naps make me feel puky, and holidays are meant for lazing around, reading, watching tv and films wagairah wagairah, anything except sleeping. So when I first met The Husband, well, he wasn’t ‘The Husband’ yet, and he told me he dislikes sleeping excessively and naps only for an hour on Sundays, I was delighted and immediately added 100 brownie points to his rapidly increasing score card. What delighted me still further was one more thing we had in common, not carrying our work with us when we travel, which meant no laptop and no phones, only in my case. 100 more points were added to the score card.

Post marriage I discovered that with a little more practice The Husband just might give Kumbhkaran a run for his legendry reputation. So after twiddling my thumbs, staring out of various hotel windows, counting cars on unknown roads below, memorising room service menu’s and having countless imaginary conversations, I now carry the laptop with me and am logged onto to the internet, and more importantly facebook, even as Kumbhkaran in the making is bettering his own record next to me.

Peace, love and goodwill now reign supreme.