The Husband Chronicles --- Part 10

So, Amma was telling me about someone, a human being , who eats 15 idlis mixed with 2 litres of sambhar for breakfast each day. And this someone mixes the idlis and sambhar by squelching them together into one gooey mess which he slurps down in 10 minutes flat! After I got over the shock, I began quizzing Amma about the dimension of each idli, how thick the sambhar would be,etc,etc *I think I have started considering myself quite an expert where south-indian food is concerned. Me and my delusions! *rolls her eyes*

From behind the paper, he was obviously just pretending to read, The Gossip-hater Husband snorted. “I don’t understand why someone’s dietary habits are being discussed by the 2 of you so animatedly,” he remarked, as he put the paper down, “and how does it concern the 2 of you’ll what, and how, someone eats?” his eyes bored into each of us by turn.

Amma and me tried to look suitably chastened but a fit of giggles just wouldn’t let us.

“God!” The Husband looked heavenward, “stop discussing people and do something productive, for a change!”

More giggles…

“And besides, 15 idlis is no big deal, I can, and have, eaten them too!” he proclaimed before walking out of the room.

Me, I decided to follow his advice and do something productive, for a change.

After a hurried conference with Amma I first confirmed that The Husband has never, and will never, be able to consume that much at one go. I then challenged him to finish 15 idlis and 2 litres of sambhar in 10 minutes just to prove himself.

He hemmed, he hawed, he dilly-dallied and finally agreed to finish 15 idlis. 15 MINI idlis.