The Husband Chronicles --- Part 1

Returning home from the honeymoon, we are whiling away time and money shopping at duty free when I see The Husband picking out booze like the supply might be going out of stock for good.

“So many?” I quiz, already in typical wife mode.

“Hmmmm……” The Husband is in deep thought as he selects bottles.

“What for?” I ask, since I am a teetotaler, and The Husband is a social drinker.

“In case of emergency...” is the reply, as a vodka bottle is chosen.

“What emergency?” I ask , even as I wonder why I’m using only 2 syllables per question.

“You know…” he shrugs

“What?” I grin, “someone might collapse, seriously lacking booze in their blood stream and we just might have to attach the bottle via an intravenous drip to revive them. Emergency ?”

Laughter. And only 3 bottles bought.