‘India’s most eligible bachelor is getting hitched!’ pouted my friend
‘Rahul Gandhi?’ I questioned, with trepidation
‘That chashmish is NOT eligible and with a history of family members being assassinated with clockwork precision there’s no surprise that he’s a bachelor either! How can you even like him?’ friend questioned with a disgusting look
‘Because I have good taste’ I smiled smugly. ‘So who is this eligible bachelor getting hitched?’ I wanted to know
‘Guess…’ she sulked ‘…who is responsible for my heartbreak…’she sighed dramatically
‘Salman Khan?’ my heart was hammering
‘No’ *phew*
‘I’ll give you a hint…you’ll never guess’ she smiled mysteriously
‘Why?’ now I was curious
‘Just…’friend was now checking out her nails ‘…think of names that never cross your mind…’
‘Ummm…Dr APJ Abdul Kalam?’
‘Who the hell is THAT?’ friend shrieked
‘Narendra Modi?’
‘Ratan Tata?’
‘He’s a dish…but no…too old!’ friend rolled eyes
‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee?’
‘How do you even know these names??!!’ friend shrieked some more, with an even more disgusting look on face ‘My heart is breaking here and you think it’s a joke!’
‘You did ask me to think of names that never cross my mind!’I retaliated, ‘So, who is it???’ my curiosity could now rival that of 20 cats
Vivek Oberoi!’ she sighed...
‘What!! Eligible Bachelor? Him?'
‘Told you, you’d never guess!’ friend pouted
‘No surprise, I couldn’t guess. I told you, I have good taste’ I smiled smugly.

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