If I were...

I’ve wanted to write a new blog post, but ideas eluded me, till I spotted this very interesting Tag on Aarti’s Blog !:)

If I were a month...I would be December. A month of celebrations, and endings and always followed by a new beginning.

If I were a day of the week… I would be Wednesday. I was born on one and personally love the day.

If I were a time of day... I would be 4 pm. Tea-time!

If I were a season... I would be Spring. A season of freshness, color and abundance!

If I were a planet…I would be Mercury, the planet of all communications.

If I were a sea animal…I would be an Octopus. Multi-tasking!

If I were a direction... I would be straight!;-D

If I were a piece of furniture… I would be a Rocking Chair, bringing comfort.

If I were a liquid…I would be water! What else?

If I were a tree…I would be the Maple. Love Maple Syrup, and the glorious colors the leaves change to in autumn.

If I were a tool…I would be a Needle. Useful when handled right. Hazardous, when not ;-D

If I were an element…I would be Air. Vital and free!

If I were a gemstone…I would be an Emerald. Radiant, intense and gorgeous.

If I were a musical instrument... I would be a Violin. Compact, tuneful and held so lovingly ;)

If I were a color... I would be Red! The color of celebration, zest and passion!

If I were an emotion…I would be compassion. God knows the world could do with loads of it!

If I were a fruit… I would be a Strawberry. Pretty and nutritious.

If I were a sound…I would be peals of laughter!

If I were a car…I would be a cherry red Mini Cooper Convertible. Cool, no?

If I were a food…I would be Kadhi - Chawal. Yum comfort food!

If I were a taste…I would be tangy! ;)

If I were a scent…I would be that of bread or cookies baking. Mmmmmmmmm!

If I were a pair of shoes…I would be be Bedroom Slippers. Soft, cosy and bring relief the moment you slip your feet into them.

If I were a bird…I would be an Eagle. Majestic and powerful.

If you like this tag…go ahead, do it!:)