Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega (Swayamvar Season 2)

He’d been known as a wife-beater during his previous marriage, has had a run-in with the law not so very long ago and was/is supposedly an addict. He laughs in a weird manner, has a perennially lecherous look in his eye and the personality of an ant. It isn’t known what he does for a living, and his only claim to fame is that he is the son of the deceased BJP politician, Pramod Mahajan.

Despite which Rahul Mahajan is the star of the show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega which airs on the channel NDTV Imagine at 8 pm Monday - Friday. If it wasn’t surprising enough that a show with Mahajan as the star was conceived, executed AND aired, it is even more surprising that the channel managed to round up girls to participate in it too!

Out of the 15 girls chosen, some smiled coquettishly; some flirted subtly while others blushed shyly when they came face to face with Rahul Mahajan in the introductory episode. Some said it was their dream to meet him *gulp* others were honored that they had been chosen *double gulp* and one particularly annoying one couldn’t stop gushing about the fact that she has been in love with Rahul for the past 10 years! Rahul greeted each one with a bunch of flowers, a lascivious look in his eyes and used the same sentence, ‘You’re looking very beautiful’, to compliment each of the 15.

On the surface the bedecked, bejeweled and heavily made-up girls appear sane, educated, nice looking and from seemingly good families, but I guess looks could be deceptive, eh?

Since after the program ceases to shock or raise a laugh, it is disturbing to imagine that there are girls who are ready to vie for a man with such a dubious character and murky past, even if the plot may have been scripted for the show and the girls are in it for the fame and money.

I watched the 1st two episodes out of sheer curiosity. Couldn’t get myself to watch any more for the fear that I would throw up if I watched 15 girls throwing themselves on and fighting for a man who has nothing except a (in)famous name going for him.

NDTV Imagine seems intent on choosing people with notorious pasts as protagonists for their Swayamwar’s. Season 1 had Rakhi Sawant, Season 2 has Rahul Mahajan. How about Ajmal Kasab for Swayamwar season 3?

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