Remember George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, the delectable duo of the popular group, Wham!

While George Michael spares no opportunity to stay in the limelight, his partner, Andrew, just disappeared from the scene after Wham! split, leaving his share of female fans, me included, wondering where he must be and how he must look now.
If the curious thought ever crossed your mind too, wonder no more as you could see for yourself what Andrew Ridgeley looks like now;

The tabloid I get my goss from informs that, 'Andrew leads a reclusive lifestyle in Cornwall (U.K), enjoying the anonymity he has, and spends his time surfing and playing golf.'
Once I got over the initial shock, I thought he looked nice,relaxed,stylish and fit (lookatthoseflatabs!!!), though much, much older than his 46 years.

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