Movie Review: Love Aaj Kal

Confused Boy (resembling an old vulture) meets Practical Girl (did anyone notice the size of her feet!??)
Boy keeps meeting Girl.
Career-driven Boy and Girl decide to break-up instead of being in a tedious long-distance relationship (Audience wonders if the Girl’s foot-size was the deal breaker)
Boy and Girl decide to have a ‘break-up party’ for friends in a restaurant.
Restaurant owned by obese, eavesdropping, intrusive Chef.
Girl leaves after party, Boy stays back asking for Black Coffee (Audience orders one as well, just to stay awake)
Intrusive Chef swoops in on Boy, and starts doling out unasked for advice on love.
Forces opinions about love on Boy and when that doesn’t work, starts narrating his own love story.
Drives Boy (and audience) nuts!
Drives Boy to airport next day so Boy can say bye to Girl (Audience wishes she could be driven out of the theatre)
Girl gets some hope in her heart, in spite of being the one to initiate the break-up, after seeing Boy at the airport.
Intrusive Chef goes into flashback mode, taking audience with him.
Girl in India and Boy in London continue to keep in touch, and have hope in respective hearts (Audience has lost all hope)
Girl meets New Boy.
Old Vulture Boy gets new girl-friend. (Audience gets a headache)
Girl and Boy meet in India, evade and lie to their respective partners, cavort around Delhi and realize they still have something between them.
New Boy proposes to Girl and she tells Old Vulture goodbye and weds New Boy (Audience admiring shaadi ka joda of Big-foot Girl )
Old Vulture Boy’s new girlfriend breaks up with him.
Girl decided marrying New Boy was a mistake (Audience decides watching this movie was a bigger mistake)
Girl goes hysterical (by now so does Audience)
Old Vulture happy in his dream-job in San Francisco (Audience wishes she could jump off the Golden Gate Bridge)
No sign of Intrusive Chef for a bit, thankfully.
Old Vulture Boy is suddenly unhappy in new job in San Francisco, gets yelled at by Boss, get mugged, remembers intrusive Chef and calls him up (Audience realizes she spoke too soon)
Intrusive Chef doles out more advice and audience taken into flashback mode again.
Boy leaves job and country and comes to India.
Audience too bored to tell you anymore.
Audience loved the clothes, the styling, the music, the old-fashioned love story of the Intrusive Chef, the fresh, well-shot locations and the humor in the film.
Audience felt there was no chemistry between Old Vulture Boy and Big-Foot Girl. Audience thought that the film takes it title, ‘Love Aaj Kal’ too seriously; it starts Aaj and ends Kal…

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