Assault on the senses!

I am the worst dressed woman in the whole world. Understand?? Yes, J. Lo Ma’am!

Dear Janet. To borrow your brothers famous words, ‘Just beat it!’ before we go blind.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Scratch that!
Is it a bird? Is it an ageing Boy George?
No, it’s a before-her-botox-shots, Madonna!!

'Allo children! In between perfecting anorexia and zipping around the world trying to adopt as many of you as I can, Mama-Jolie has been learning the art of applying eyeliner, from Amy Winehouse!

And I am the infamous Amy Winehouse! Now go roll me a joint, brat!

After being dressed like this, do you blame me for wanting to tear my hair apart? No we don’t Beyonce. We most certainly don’t!

Donatella, to think you own one of the best designs labels! Cover up woman, before you hear of Gianni Versace spinning in his grave!

Is this a ladies-only gig? Who cares, even if it is!! I have to barge in to flaunt my award, for the most frightening dressing style! I’ve usurped you J.LO!So there!!!