Movie Review: Karzzzz

List of characters

Monty, Himesh Reshammiya. Size zero, with a poodle on his head and a face that still looks like his neck threw up. On the positive side, he has graduated from having a single expression on his face. In this, his second film, he looks like he is in varying degrees of abject pain.

Princess Kamini, Urmila Matondkar. Who redefines what bad acting is all about, with strange facial expressions,an impossible-to-decipher-where-it-comes-from accent and jerky marionette movements. Apart from terrible skin, bad make up and bits of flab seeking escape from the reaches of control hose.

Tina, new find Shweta Kumar. Good, for her debut film. But she looks like Indra Kumar (her father) dressed in drag, the resemblance is so striking!

Kabeera, Danny Denzongpa. Completely wasted in an inane role.

Sir Juda, Gulshan Grover. In a, guffaw and you miss him-and-his-strange-steel-arm, appearance.

Ravi Verma, Dino Morea. Droolicious! Wish he had been given a longer role!

Audience, Me. Lock away her money, transport, glasses and computer so she cannot watch these films AND then have the nerve to write their reviews!

A remake of Subhash Ghai’s ‘Karz’, this film follows the same story, with a twist (which I won’t give away, the kind soul that I am)

So we have ‘Rockstar Monty’ who in spite of the way he looks, sounds and dresses is, but naturally, the heartthrob of the entire female population of Cape Town and has girls of all races, colors and sizes swooning over him, and his Hindi songs. His father cum business manager, Raj Babbar playing an OTT Sardar, exploits Monty's talent to make money but humiliates Monty for free.
While on stage one day, Monty suffers from a hallucination and passes out (yay!) only to (sadly) recover and realize that a particular tune triggers it off. A psychiatrist advises Monty to take a vacation and off he goes to Kenya, to recover and woo a girl his beady eyes spot at a party.
In the midst of wooing Tina in Kenya, places, people and buildings seem familiar to Monty and his hallucinations increase, confusing him further. Till he meets Princess Kamini, of the love handles and preference for metallic hued clothing fame and the fog in his brain finally clears and he realizes who he is.
Then begins a game to trap Princess Kamini into revealing the whereabouts of Ravi Verma’s surviving mother and sister and how she, Kamini, murdered Ravi Verma.

How he gets her to admit it, is where the ‘twist’ in this movie lies.

If you’ve seen the original ‘Karz’ you are sure to find a thousand flaws in this movie. If you haven’t seen it, you will still find a thousand flaws in it.
The biggest flaw being, the casting of Himesh Reshammiya playing a 25 year old ‘Rockstar’ as he neither looks the part , nor acts it. Newcomer Shweta, who is cast opposite him could pass off as his daughter, the pair is that mismatched, there fore no surprises about the zero chemistry between them!
Urmila performs like she is doing the world a favor by acting in this movie. This could go down as her worst performance ever.

Senior artistes like Danny Denzongpa, Asrani, Rohini Hattangady and Gulshan Grover
are completely wasted, with caricature like roles and equally funny performances.

The direction (Satish Kaushik) is average and the songs have no impact. The two good things about the film are, the fresh locales of South Africa that could have been exploited better by an able cinematographer, and the overall slick packaging of this film.

I wish Himesh would stop acting and concentrate only on his music. But I read that he is going to horrify people even further by appearing shirtless, with a six-pack, in his next movie. Bachaooooo!!

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