Satiating the senses

Well, the above is also the title of the newest addition to my blog, which if you havent read as yet, SHAME ON YOU!;) Psstttt, you could save face by reading it here, and pretend you knew about it all along;)

More than a month away from my blog and the withdrawl symptoms have been too strong to quell. Work. Work. And STILL more work ensured that I have no idea where and when the month flew by! But I did manage to filch snatches of me-time off to have soul-satisfying experieces, via books and a gorgeous movie. Here's more about them;

Sea Of Poppies

When I started reading the initial pages, of the first in Amitav Ghosh’s trilogy of novels ‘Sea of Poppies’, I wondered if it might have been written while on an opium high. As the multitude of characters speaking complicated dialects confused me enough to frequently return to read pages already read and then pause to absorb and make sense of all that I had read, and re-read, so far.

Acute exasperation almost caused me to give up reading this 512 page, hardback tome, but Amitav Ghosh’s polished writing slowly and surely enticed me into familiarizing myself with the characters who would board the ship Ibis headed to Mauritius, all for very different reasons of their own.

Painstaking research, which Ghosh has expertly used, helps form an impressive, informative and rich in detail base for the first of the trilogy. His fine writing has done justice to each of the characters, of which there is a diverse abundance of. And before you realize it you have picked out your favorites and are eager to know more about them and how they would face circumstances that come their way. With ‘Sea of Poppies’, Amitav Ghosh also reveals a new facet of his writing, with chuckle-worthy humor subtly woven in the most unexpected of situations. The book is also liberally sprinkled with enlightening cuss-words, some of which are ridiculously amusing.

With ‘Sea of Poppies’ Amitav Ghosh takes you on a journey that you will be glad to be part of, once you are patient enough to embark on it.


The title, caramel being one of my favorite flavors, and the chic poster were reason enough to catch this Lebanese subtitled film. And I am so glad I did!
Caramel is about 5 women, all facing their own unique set of troubles. It is a chick flick alright, but one minus man-obsessed women salivating over shoes and quaffing champagne in the middle of the day! The movie is sweet. Funny. Enlightening. And a tad poignant. The lead actress who plays Layale,who is also the writer and director, is simply stunning. And I have immediately pencilled her in my A-woman-I-would-love-to-look-like-for-2-days-a-week list.
Eat, Pray, Love

I picked up this book for the lack of any other interesting reading material available at my library. And the moment I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! Well written, intelligent and chatty Eat, Pray, Love is a lovely book strewn with nuggets of wisdom and insight that answered so many questions regarding life and all that comes with it, that I had in mind. Add to this is the bonus of bits of touristy advice and insight to the countries, Italy, Indonesia and India, the book is based in. A soul satisfying read!

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