The Aliens had landed…

...but ran back to where they came from, after they saw the tough completion they would face on earth, in the form of our homegrown specimen!

Bad hair – Check
Bad accessories – Check
Bad make-up - Check
Wardrobe Malfunction at its peak – Check
Been mercilessly beaten with an ugly stick – Check

Infact, I love Vivek Oberoi’s look so much, here’s another view of the same, to scare you some more!

Hi, Gauri Shahrukh Khan! I’m wondering why you have chewing-gum stuck on your lips?
P:S: I think the lady grimacing behind you is wondering the same.

I first wondered who he was. I then wondered why Sonu Nigam was wearing a skirt?

Shekhar Suman! My favorite Bogeyman oops...funnyman!

Frankly speaking, Himesh, the cap and beard look suited you better. At least it hid your face from view.

Difficult to believe that Milind Soman was a heartthrob once. Now, he’s more liable to give people a heart attack with this godawful look!

Fringe is in! Fringe is in! Fringe is in! I wondered and wondered who this pretty girl-with-excessive-testosterone-causing-too-much-facial-hair-growth-was. Till I realized it was Ranbir Kapoor.

For once, words fail me.