A News Channel informed me...

...that Madonna is looking to adopt an Indian Baby.

I’m offended, Madge. Really! *sulking*
I am right here and you need to go looking all over the place!

Let me explain. I am Indian. I used to be called Baby, till I refused to answer to it (when I was 10 years old, if details interest you) So, Indian + Baby = Indian baby. See!

We already have things in common you know; like the initial alphabet of our names and our love for the other’s culture. We even share the same star sign! (Well, ok. I am a Leo only according to my Hindu birth chart, not otherwise, but still…)

Besides, we have similar tastes; Versace. Yoga. Gym Workouts. Guy Ritchie.

And imagine the bonuses. No sleepless nights. No formula-mixing. No diaper-changing. No potty-training. And I am so magnanimously thoughtful, I won’t even address you as ‘Mamma’ in public.

So come and get me...you-who-must-not-be-addressed-so-in-public!

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