Movie Review: 27 Dresses

Jane (Katherine Heigl, endearing) plays the perpetual bridesmaid who attends every wedding she can with the firm belief that the Brides will return the favor when it’s her turn to walk down the aisle. She keeps her bridesmaid dresses, 27 in all, lined up in a bursting closet, even as she dreams and hopes for her perfect wedding.

She is secretly in love with her boss, George (Edward Burns. Looking & sounding horrible. Sorry Dude, but you are so off my ‘Guys- I-Would-Trade-My-Neighbors-Kidneys-For’ List) but too shy to let him know. While she gathers the courage to spill her heart out to him, amply egged on by her friend and co worker Casey (Judy Greer in a tiny but delightful role), along comes her glamorous sister Tess (Malin Ackerman, miscast of the century) who literally sweeps George off his feet and before she knows it, Jane is enlisted to plan George and Tess’s wedding.

Kevin (James Marsden, good) is a journalist who writes a sappy, mushy ‘Commitment’ column under a pen name in the Sunday wedding section of the New York Journal. He is waiting for ‘that one story’ that will bring him instant fame. When he accidently bumps into Jane, as she is departing from one wedding to go to anotherr, he is amused and intrigued by the weddings penciled in her filofax that she accidently leaves behind in the cab she exited and plans to write a splashy Sunday feature on her existence as the ultimate bridesmaid. But she has no idea that he is even doing the story!

As if the heartbreak of her sister marrying George wasn’t enough, Janes story, along with her pictures in all her bridesmaids dresses, is splashed across the Sunday and she is literally the talk, and sympathy of town.

Though the movie offers nothing new, the plot and script being rather predictable and clichéd,the movie is frothy and entertaining and has some good moments scattered sparingly.

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