I fail to understand …

…why the BMC ( Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) waits for the festive months to start digging up roads?
Come October and the absent-whole-year-through-BMC workers appear with their shovels, hoes, trucks and whatnots and start hollowing out newly laid and concreted roads, spilling their guts onto the surface. To this eyesore, add traffic jams, lengthy detours, no parking and hysterical confusion everywhere. The wedding season, the festivals that follow each other and New Years Eve are a total washout all thanks to them.

…why the participants on Talent Shows air their miserable a life/childhood stories. On all the singing-shows I have watched so far, there has been at least 1 participant who constantly reminded the audiences of his/her despair with tear-filled eyes, unfailingly on each episode. If this is what you prefer presenting, why not just name the thing Lament Show?

…the hype surrounding Rakhi Sawant.
It surprises me even more when women say they ‘admire’ her. Since when did qualities like crassness, media-manipulation, and slyness become admirable?

the desperate Indian need to shine in reflected glory, when it comes to acknowledging NRI’s-who refuse-to-be-acknowledged, like Bobby Jindal, V.S Naipul, Sunita Williams, reach some noteworthy stage in life.

…the inane ‘BREAKING NEWS’ headlines that are flashed almost every second on every news channel. How on Godsgreenearth does it matter to us if ‘AISHWARIYA AND ABHISHEK VIST THE TAJ or ‘SACHIN GOES BOATING WITH FAMILY.’

…why all Female-oriented serials are centered around Men?
When the Women aren’t fighting for or with the Men, they are either conniving or trying to ensnare them. The portrayal of women in soaps like ‘Desperate Housewives’ and all of Ekta Kapoor’s serials is really pathetic. And what is even more pathetic is, when perfectly intelligent women proudly identify themselves with those sorry characters.

…the hue and cry raised against Racism after Shilpa Shetty made it fashionable to do so, when our fellow-Indians settled abroad are the most racist of the lot.
From seemingly innocent queries like whether India and Indians are aware of ‘Brands’ and what ‘Supermarkets’ are, to snide comments on the Indian-accented English and curry-related jokes and comments. But you forgive them because you understand that living on bread may have addled their brains a wee bit and maybe their last trip back home was 5 long years ago and the next one will only be after they retire/save up enough/or win a lottery, whichever happens first.

…what people mean when they say ‘There is a child inside me’. Particularly, when those very people are conducting themselves in a way that no child, whether inside or outside, would be capable of. I swear on all my shoes, the next time someone proclaims ‘There is a child inside me’ I am going to ask ‘When is it due?’