…watch ‘Blood Diamond’ for a great movie-watching experience. Taut script, slick editing, super cinematography, good music and awesome direction. Superb performances by the hugely talented Leonardo Di Caprio (great diction, awesome body language) Jennifer Connelley of the arresting eyes and breathtaking beauty and new-find Djimon Hounsou (super performance, chiseled bod with awesome obliques! Hope he wins that Oscar!). The lush beauty of Africa is a treat and the informative movie gently nudges your conscience without preaching to you.

…give ‘Babel’ a miss. The movie has nothing new to offer and has clearly been made with the Oscars in mind. Good story concept that suffered due to a sad script, screenplay and direction. Notable performances by Brad Pitt(this 'pretty boy' looks so much more sexier when he’s old, grey and filthy) Cate Blanchett(tiny role) new find Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi, Spanish actors Adraina Barazza and Gael García Bernal (who is the most luscious-lipped hunk I have seen in a while.Yum!)

…watch ‘Rocky Balboa’ for old times sake if you’ve been a diehard Rocky fan who has religiously watched all the previous parts from 1-5 *but, for loyalties sake, have developed convenient amnesia about watching the most embarrassing Rocky 4 and 5 ;)* The movie though very slow, except for the last half hour, has some good parts and dialogues strewn here and there.The ‘Italian Stallion’ hasn’t aged gracefully but he still packs a punch.