My stairway to Resolutions for 2007!

The last time I made a New Years Resolution AND followed it through was when I was 9 years old. I swore “I will write in my Cursive Writing Book everyday” and I did.The end result was beautiful writing.

Proof that New Year Resolutions work IF they are feasible (I badly failed my ‘I-will-marry-George-Clooney-this-year’ 2005 resolution) and you follow through (And I badly failed it because I didn’t follow through with it) with them.

So, here is my realistic list of resolutions for 2007 that I seriously intend following;

This year I promise, to take to least 12-14 glasses of water every day. All my belongings are being shifted to the loo as you read this.

This year I promise, to stop the ears. No more losing-my-cool. No more temper tantrums. I shall face temper-triggers smiling peacefully at images of me mentally assassinating the people who infuriated me, instead.

This year I promise, to forgive and forget all my old enemies...its high time I made new ones.

This year I promise, to stop lending my shoulder to people to cry on...though it is still available for a per-minute fee.

This year I promise, to keep my mouth shut...and eyes and ears open. I have been living my life the other way around up till now and truth be known, the ‘I-only-open-mouth-to-change-feet’ way of life is kind of affecting my dental-health a little.

This year I promise, to make patience one of my virtues...kidding ya!

This year I promise, to be more technologically-friendly...anything with more than 2 buttons gets me to panic like mad. More than 5 buttons and I am a frazzled woman. Add light, sound and moving things and I am there on the floor, in a dead faint, frothing at the mouth.
Yes, I am called “gavar” (not the vegetable and not affectionately, either) by people around me, but no worries. Who knows, at the end of this year I may just launch a spaceship.

This year I promise, to start longer people up the wall, but an actual engine and metal car, on the road. (I realized the spaceship thingy above is a tad too ambitious for a techno-phobe-on-the-mend.)

This year I promise, to conquer my personal demons...namely chocolates, shopping, procrastinating, straightening frames and crooked objects in my own home/other peoples homes/hotels/restaurants/shops and digressing, to name a few.

This year I promise, to never again ignore my gut instinct...for the kick-in-the-butt that follows when I ignore-my-gut makes me resemble J Lo from certain angles.

This year I promise, to save 25% of my earnings.......................................................................................the previous statement has set the writer rolling on the floor with unbridled laughter and unable to complete her list.