I Wish....

...the media would have been a little considerate before splashing the news ‘Athlete Santhi is not a girl!’ all over the place. If being stripped of her medals and humiliated publicly wasn’t bad enough, the repercussions that this will/must have already caused on her mind will be irreversible. She should have been consulted/warned/taken into confidence before leaking the news. It’s only fair.
The saddest part is that neither Santhi nor her parents are aware of her medical condition.

...Sohail Khan and Tushar Kapoor would stop trying to make it in the movies and burning their sibling’s hard-earned dosh in the process. I know perseverance pays and keep-trying is the attitude to have, but sorry guys, they forgot to add a ‘Please exclude these two' warning when they coined it! Also, the wannabe singer Shael (no,you are not missing much if you haven’t heard of him) it would be so much more fruitful if you concentrate on your business, Mr. Tycoon.

...Nokia wouldn’t have tried to ape the Sony-Erickson walkman-phone advert for their 5300 range. Not only is the Nokia not a patch on the Sony advert (My favorite is the guy who sways as he does his shopping and the angelic-looking guy in the end who says hel-lo ) but it is pathetic in itself (and no, the dog listening to music is not a cute touch!)