...am absolutely addicted to the latest reality show ‘Big Boss’ airing on Sony Television these days. For the hour between 10 and 11 pm, I do nothing except sit bug-eyed in front of the telly watching 11 diverse people make utter fools of themselves(and probably us, for the suckers that we are for watching them do it) Scripted/rigged/planned I don’t care what the show is but I am enthralled by its high drama.

...was thrilled to teeny, tiny bits and pieces when a double bonanza of my favoritest show on earth, ‘The Amazing Race’ was announced, airing it TWICE a week instead of the usual once a week slot!
So, now I watch two different sets of teams in ‘The Amazing Race Asia’ special (which has 2 extremely yummy-looking Indian male models participating, who are, thankfully, making us proud) and the usual ‘The Amazing Race’ scrambling frantically to different corners of the earth, going through mind-numbing and physically draining tasks trying to reach the final leg of this most exciting race.
If not for my broken body parts that are hinging together by the grace of God, a good physiotherapist and little else, I would like to participate in it too, oneday. But, there’s always tomorrow and better physiotherapy and I am an optimist when I forget to be a pessimist!

...am combusting with excitement looking at my name in print. Where? Well, I am...ahem...*clears throat* writing a column/page for a just launched magazine and looking at my words in print and the thought that so many others are reading them too (no, its very different from having your blog read!;) has caused the aforementioned combustion. But, like the proverbial Phoenix, I have had to rise from my illustrious ashes to write and submit the column/page for the Dec issue so I am whole again, till next month!;))

...am dying to watch the movie ‘Salaam-e-ishq’ which is releasing over Christmas. The slick promos are already whetting the appetites of Movieholics like me. It is a copy of one of my loved-it-so-much-it-made-me-cry movies ‘Love Actually’ with a few changes, I am told.

...am holding a delicious little secret, with supreme difficulty, inside one of the covert corners of my lively/imaginative mind. I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to keep it to myself but I suspect it won’t be too long. So, watch this space...if you are not addicted to watching ‘Big Boss’ or ‘The Amazing Race’, that is!;)