Movie Review:The Devil Wears Prada

The title of the book by Laura Weisberger drew me to it exactly 3 years ago and as I turned the last page, my immediate thought was “This should be a movie!” No talk of the book being filmed happened for a while and though I was surprised that no one thought to grab the bestseller, the book became a fuzzy, though always to be recalled pleasantly, memory.

And then came the news that it WAS being made into a film after all and I kept my eyes peeled for the release date.

The story doing the rounds is that the book is a real life tale based on the authors experience of working as an intern for the then Editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anne “Dragon-lady” Wintour, though of course Weisberger vehemently denies it.

Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep, perfect casting) is an iron-fisted, perfectionist who runs the most popular magazine of the fashion world called ‘Runway’. Her word and face are set in stone, both in the fashion world and at her place of work. She is sparse with her words, calculative with her feelings and treats her staff like invisible minions and has no regrets about it. She decides what they do, what they wear and even how much they should weigh.

Getting a job as Miranda Priestley’s assistant is something any girl would kill for, if they survived the interview in the first place. Priestly is a relentless slave driver who is more demanding than any machine can cope with. She wants her coffee just so (scalding hot), her office a certain immaculate way and rattles of long lists without taking a breath. Her waif-like assistants scurry about fulfilling her orders wearing pencil heels and a perpetual dazed look.

Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway, gorgeous) is in desperate need of a job and Miranda’s present assistant in need of an assistant and so a simple, bumbling girl whose idea of fashion is limited to her mall-brought wardrobe and for whom breakfast is an onion and cheese bagel (sacrilege!) is appointed on a whim by Priestly.

And then starts the ride which Andy finds herself on, reluctant to go along and reluctant to get off at times. Her transformation from the girl she was to the girl she becomes, with circumstances, cruel jibes, piercing looks and impossible demands (Priestly actually demands an unpublished bestseller for her children in a couple of hour’s time!) by Miranda playing a large part.

Quite a few liberties have been taken while scripting the film and the end is completely different from the actual climax, but it was clearly stated that the movie was “based” on the book and so, all changes with-standing, a must-watch movie is the end result.

Abundant visual retail therapy in the form of G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S clothes and accessories by Valentino, Blahnik, Choo, Prada (but naturally) and many more. Cameos by the knockout Gisele Bundchen that went unnoticed by everyone and Valentino himself which thankfully some sharp eyes noticed.

Eye candy in the form of Simon Baker playing the flirtatious author and momentary ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ Christian Thompson and endearing supporting roles by the multi-talented Stanley Tucci playing Nigel (note the humungous ring he wears!) and a new face Emily Blunt playing Emily, Miranda’s first assistant.

Perfect casting, a tight script and witty humor make the movie a great watch. Meryl Streep has underplayed her character of the “Dragon-Lady” to perfection and her frosty, dismissive “That’s all” is what I kept watching for throughout the movie. As for Anne Hathaway, God, if you can’t get me down to earth looking like Salma Hayek in my next birth, the other option is Anne Hathaway, please note.