Of Myths, Birthdays and the End of the world.

If you haven’t heard the brouhaha 06/06/06 is causing then you are probably living under a rock.

For those who ARE living under that rock, 06/06/06 is a day that comes once in 100 years and adds up to 666, which is the number of the Devil.

So tomorrow is supposed to be
1)The end of the world
2)The birth of an anti Christ
3)The birth of the Devil (same thing, na? Anti Christ and Devil?)

Also, children born on this day will apparently be pure evil and God save us if they are born at 06:06 AM or PM!

Anxious people have been asking me if all of the above is true and my only answer is No/Not/Nahin/Nein/Non.


Women who are going to deliver any moment now want to postpone/prepone their deliveries because they don’t want ‘evil children’*How stupid is that?!!?*

Why is all of the above such a cause of concern for me?
Because tomorrow is when I celebrate my birthday, each year (though I do accept presents all year round, FYI) and no I am not a ‘devil’ and nor do I have ‘evil qualities’ (whatever that means!!)
Ok so, being born on the 6th day of the 6th month of the year that regretfully didn’t add up to 6, I just have half of the dreaded number 06/06 but still, I turned out pretty damn good, even though I say so myself *wink, wink*

So, people relax and don’t fret. Let your babies be born, they will not be ‘evil’ and no, tomorrow is not the end of the world either.


Now excuse me while I go slaughter some chickens! ;)