Eve - Teasing

The seeds are sown when ;
You are asked to keep your distance from the boys, as soon as you are old enough to understand the word ‘different’.
You are asked to come home before dark and not wander alone.
You are asked to ‘behave like a girl’.

It continues when ;
You don’t dress as you like, because it will cause a gaze to caress you.
You swallow your anger and let the wrongdoer get away because you are told “Let it be. It happens to everyone”
You pretend to look away when a girl is being felt up.

It stops when you realize ;
A tiny safety pin can help restore a huge chunk of your self esteem.
The stilettos you paid half a months salary for have more than just aesthetic value.
You can look the offender in the eye and his lower in shame.

Eve teasing. It starts without your permission. It continues because you let it. It stops when you want it to.

Your voice is a spark that can ignite a flame. Speak up.

Something I wrote for the Blank Noise Project Blog but couldn't post in time.