Disjointed outpourings

Having a free day all of a sudden in the midst of so, so many crazily hectic ones is like being caught in a sudden downpour. It leaves you a little nonplussed.

With a wedding in the family fast approaching,the past 2 months have been mad, mad, MAD!

Shopping has drained me completely. I want to relocate to a place where shopping in a punishable offence and even thinking about it had serious legal repercussions. Where people are allowed only 3 sets of clothes per year and the old barter system is used instead of money. ‘Shop till you drop’? Yes I have. Both.

It’s been a while since I had a decent conversation with anyone without the usual questions like;

• What’s this priced at?
• How many colors do you have in these?
• Do you home deliver?
• Cash or card?
• Where’s the trial room?
• What’s the best price you can offer?

Dates on a calendar are no longer the 6th, 12th, 18th etc. My dates are outfit trial date, outfit delivery date, appointment with the caterer date, food tasting date, so on and so forth.

If anything takes more time than shopping, it is commuting from one place to another. What with the horrendous traffic snarls, bad roads and no parking anywhere, you never reach any place on the time you planned to. I finish off all my reading/writing/making calls in the car and considering the amount of books I have finished reading........

* Fight Club + Choke-Chuck Palahniuk…simply awesum!I am a big CP fan now!:-)
* One night at the call centre- Chetan Bhagat …love the way he writes but this book disappointed me in the end.
* Five people you meet in heaven- Mitch Albom…..bluddy, bluddy awesum!! A must read! I happily chalked out my list of the five probable people I might meet in heaven before I realized I am going to hell! ;-)
* Tokyo Cancelled- Rana Dasgupta. A disastrous waste of time and money!!! Don’t read it!

........ you can imagine how much time was spent commuting! ;-)

I can’t wait to get back to my normal life. Routine is what I am looking forward to with bated breath.
And yes, I am having a court marriage!