Silver Rain

I have never liked the rains much. In spite of being a June-baby.

The 6th of June was the day Mumbai unfailingly welcomed the monsoons each year. And the rains played spoilsport each birthday. Due to the debuting downpour, my birthday parties were invariably ruined. Which is why, I never liked the rains much, in spite of being a June-baby.

I enjoy the rains when I am inside the house, safe, warm and dry. Preferably, with a steaming cup of coffee and shortbread biscuits to go with it.

There are some things that I look forward too though.

* The heartwarming sight of the flaming Gulmohar welcoming the monsoon.
* Fat raindrops that rush headlong to meet the earth only to shatter into a million crystal slivers.
* The resounding rumble of thunder followed by the impulsive bolt of lightning illuminating the sky for one brilliant moment!
* The freshly showered trees preening in the wind.
* Mercurial silver puddles that change shape on a whim.
* Chubby raindrops clinging on for dear life on to the tips of leaves and branches.
* The overcast day with the cool wind fanning you, even as you steal a worried look at the sky, hoping it wont rain just yet, so you can enjoy the day a wee bit longer.
* The lullaby of the pitter-patter of rain putting me to sleep.
* The pitter-patter of the rain gently nudging me awake from my slumber.
* Sitting by the window seat-and watching people haplessly rush by with their clothes flying and their umbrellas turning turtle.
* Brightly colored umbrellas adding much needed color to a dull grey day.
* The different moods of the rain. Angry lashings, gentle sprays, naughty drizzles, morbid sheets.
* Walking in the rain. Sigh!


What I DON’T LIKE about the monsoons!

* The rain!
* Clothes don’t dry.
* The house gets all moist and yucky types!
* Hair turns frizzy and when you use conditioner it goes all limp!
* White heads on the face.
* Overcast days depress the hell outta me after a point of time!
* For some reason, which I could never analyze, there is always confusion when it rains. I guess the mind stops functioning. At least mine does!
* Water clogging.
* Horrible traffic.
* Muck everywhere!!!!!
* Biscuits & crisps go soggy.
* Bombay ki barsaat! Ek ghante aayegi, aur tabahi macha jayegi!
* Have to miss my walk when it rains (I did try walking wearing a properly zipped up windcheater, with disastrous results!)
* Can't wear your good shoes!
* The unbearable heat after the rains! Whew!