My Phobias have plagued me for a while now. Got into the way of me seriously enjoying life.

I remember how scared I was of heights. Oh yeah! Really scared! Avoided so many places, didn’t do so many things.
Fed up, I decided to tackle the problem head on. And in great style too.
I went parasailing.
Just like that! Without a thought!

One moment my feet were on firm ground (on a raft actually, in the middle of an aqua colored shimmering expanse of sea) and in the next 10 mins I was strapped to a humungous rainbow colored parachute and was airborne!

Yes, just like that!
I mentally willed my room to my brother before we took off, but thankfully I came back to reclaim it.

After that there was no stopping me. Everywhere I went I climbed or took the elevator to the highest buildings/structures you could think of AND stood at the highest point AND looked down for more than 5 minutes, without panicking. Felt pretty damn proud of myself too, if I may say so, and enjoyed the birds eye view and the wind in my hair from so high up there.

Recently I traveled in an open chair car. 3000 feet above the ground. There was only a bar holding me in place and, just between you and me, I had my eyes closed all the while on the way to the mountain but on the way back I not only kept my eyes open BUT also looked down AND touched the foliage when it was within reachable distance The clothes and jewelry I had willed to my sister before this adventure are still mine.

I also tried this ride in an amusement park. Really, really, really high, called ‘Space Shot’. Thing is, my brother wanted to try it and since no one was brave enough to volunteer, I did. Between you and me, my plan of action was to keep him company while in the queue and escape after he had strapped himself on.


The plan failed miserably and before I knew it, I found myself strapped up too! Forgotten to will anything to anyone this time, so surviving it didn’t give me such a thrill. But ‘Space Shot’ was an experience that I wont be forgetting in a hurry.
Pssssttt…my brother was terrified but I wasn’t :)
Now heights no longer scare me (if it wasn’t obvious to you till now) and bungee jumping is next on the list :)

Water was my next phobia that I decided to tackle.

Now water is fine. As long as it is in a glass. Anything more than that is scary. Sitting on the edge of the pool with your feet dangling in the water is pretty ok (actually it wasn’t) But again, anything more than that isn’t fine.
Reason: I watched ‘Jaws’ when I was little :(
So, how do I get rid of this fear of water, I asked my self? Simple! Swimming lessons, myself answered.

On the first day of my swimming lesson I gingerly stepped into the pool (for newbie’s, we step into 3 feet of water)
Now for a person who is 5 feet 4 inches, 3 feet of water is hardly something to worry about BUT I was quaking with fear in that too! Took me one whole session to learn to breathe underwater for as soon as I went down I would panic and come up again.
The next session was floating. Pretty traumatic. Not for me though. For my swimming instructor. I just couldn’t float! Rather, I didn’t want to float!
As my feet left the ground I panicked, and stood up immediately! Thankfully my instructor has patience (though I wonder how long it will last)

Today was my 10th lesson and now I am swimming across the length of the pool (with my instructor swimming by my side guiding me) and swimming crosswise (alone).Just for your GK, my pool measures 15 meters by 7 meters.

I am no pro yet, a long way to go for that, but am not very scared of water now :) I just panic when I have to keep my head down for long, as I can’t hear and (obviously) see at all. Then I come up gasping for breath in a crazy, ungainly manner (tch, tch) but that too shall pass :)

Fear of anything? It’s all in the mind. This is what I’ve learnt from personal experience. And sometimes just getting into what you fear most, without a thought, dispels it.

Now marriage is another thing that scares the heebee-jeebees outta me! Wonder what I’ll have to do about that! ;)