Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#Audacity #August2015 #WordyWednesday

Tom peeked out from behind the wall; to find the imposter catching a peek at that exact moment. Tom withdrew instantly, fuming as he did so!  After catching his breath he tried peeking out again, slowly this time. And found the imposter staring right back at him! Tom was supremely irritated! This guy was following him everywhere! He wondered what to do next. After giving it some thought,Tom crouched low and belly crawled forward slowly, hoping to take the imposter by surprise. It was going good, till they bumped heads! Ouch!
Enough was enough, decided Tom! He would take theimposter head on and show him who was the boss here. Tom squared his shoulders and walked out and stood proud and tall. As did the imposter. Tom couldn't take the audacity of the imposter anymore and started barking. Once again at his reflection in the newly installed mirror in the house

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#WordyWednesday #No4 #BAR Picture Prompt

Picture Prompt Courtesy: Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

His eyes followed her walking towards him, busy on the phone as always. He stood still as she neared, till her familiar perfume briefly spun a cocoon around him. ‘You’re back!’ she beamed, putting down her mobile phone, her smile doing strange things to his heart. ‘You have no idea how much you were missed!’ her smile split her face in two and he blushed as he looked down at his shoes, his thudding heart threatening to burst.
She was wearing the red shirt, her favorite he had heard her say, and his favorite too. Her earrings grazed her cheeks and her fingers were birds in the air, making a point. In another hour she would tame her wild tresses into an unyielding knot and half an hour after that her spectacles would kiss the bridge of her nose.  At 5 pm she would sit back and sigh, the kajal of her left eye leaving a tiny smudge below it. And sometime after that…'Nikhil!’ she heard him calling out his name and looking up saw her gesturing through the glass door.
Nikhil stood up, swiftly checked his hair and smoothened his clothes as he walked towards her. ‘A cup of strong tea for me please, Nikhil…and do get this letter photocopied and place it on Mr Ganeshs desk. Thank you.’ a distracted smile before she got back to work.
Nikhil, the peon gave a shy smile and went to get his boss her cup of tea, her smile and the sound of his name locked away safely in the recesses of his memory.

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Monday, July 27, 2015


Forgotten streets
Discarded memories
Echoes of a sigh
Over wilted regrets

(C) Mayuri

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#WordyWednesdays #Bar #July2015

Word Prompt
'What's Cooking?'

‘What’s cookin’, good lookin'?’, winked Jose, plopping down the bag of groceries on the counter. ‘Since the fragrance of oranges and cinnamon is trailing right down the street…’, she felt his grin as he kissed her neck. ‘…let me guess, your famous Spiced Orange compote?’ his hands circled her waist. She nudged him away, smiling, as she checked on her compote before she turned towards him.
‘I love the way the steam from your pots and pans curls your hair’, Jose held her face between his hands.
‘Ah! Go on, then! Don’t you have loads to do?’ she countered, the grin never leaving her face.
‘Yes, Mrs James, I surely do’ Jose gave a theatrical bow ‘and I shall’ he straightened up, grabbed her for a quick kiss and let himself out of the back door.
She stirred the compote with a dreamy look on her face
‘What’s cooking?’ she heard his voice behind her ‘is that your Spiced Orange Compote, again?’ 
She turned to look at her grimacing husband, whose eyes travelled all over the kitchen, making a visual inventory of the shelves
‘Oh well, that, with your cake, is one of the most asked for desserts in the restaurant, so should be okay.’
He scribbled something in his book.
‘What else is cooking?’ he asked, looking at his watch, and walked away as she opened her mouth to reply.

‘Betrayal, hatred and resentment’ the words danced in her thoughts.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Potential #WordyWednedsay

She admired herself.
Dark curls danced around the oval of her face.
Limpid eyes that enticed, framed by the perfect arch of her questioning brows.
The haughty gracefulness of her high cheekbones. The cupid bow mouth that always hid a smirk within its smile, she was often told.
She should have been a little taller, was a common verdict but she secretly thought she was just right. Her body, a geometry of perfectly placed curves, and fullness.
She, the envy of women and the dream of men setting alight the silver screen, looked away from the fading photograph on the wall and sighed, as another gulp of whisky burned a familiar trail down her throat and the welcome numbness of the tranquilizer began setting in.
Yes, she had the potential.
If only people could have seen it.
 30 years ago.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

#AtoZChallenge: Theme: Tarot. Alphabet 'U'

Card Talk: Shining the light on everything about Tarot

is for 

Used to

More often than not people get habituated and hooked on to Tarot Readings.
They start seeking help and answers to every major and minor issues in their life though Tarot, dulling they own powers of reasoning and decision making.

Though this dependency is great for business, a good Tarot Reader will never encourage this sort of emotional dependency and will gently wean the client off while he/she encourages and nudges them towards creating inner confidence required for independent decision making.